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Practical data to help negotiate critical options.

image/svg+xml Dim X: 99.03 mmDim Y: 100.17 mmDim Z: 98.95 mm Volume: 729000.00 mm3 Area: 145800.00 mm2 Mesh (triangles): 3204 Material: PA 11/12 Mass: 758.16 grams Commercial Specifications: Category: Plastic Technology: MJF Specification: Polyamide/Nylon Composites:

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Global definitive cost estimates to local currency.

Titanium Alloy Nitinol Tool Steel (H13) ABS TPE Inconel 625 CAD $... GPB £... INR ₹... AUD $... ZAR R... USD $... Stainless15-5PH JPY ¥... PA 11/12 CNY ¥... Aluminium RUB руб... SAR ...﷼ Cobolt Chrome

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Engage with confidence; your IP is protected.


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A cloned environment with unique personal settings.

image/svg+xml Contact us Contact us Contact us

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World Trade

Anybody can sell anything to anyone, anywhere in the world. Every 3d printed object is a potentially saleable product, as is the printer.

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The applied mechanics of 3D print technology has given rise to Additive Manufacturing. Success requires adherence to specification.

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The hobbyist, aka the inventer, will push your 3D printing skills into uncharted territories. The future belongs to the innovators.

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1. Upload

image/svg+xml Models Flat Smooth Wireframe Reset to... Display setting: [reload] File Manager Upload... Orbit Zoom Pan


image/svg+xml STL File Uploader x Choose file C:\My Documents\STL\... Upload File

2. Select...

image/svg+xml Properties 0.00 Global Precision [metric]: Mass: 758.16 grams Dim X: 99.03mm Dim Y: 100.17mm Dim Z: 98.95mm Volume: 729000.00mm3 Area: 145800.00mm2 Mesh (triangles): 3204 PA 11/12 Material: Physical Commercial Specifications: Notes: Technology: MJF Composites: Specification: Polyamide/Nylon Category: Plastic


image/svg+xml AUD: Australian Dollar Print: PA 11/12 Print Service (cost estimate) $ 137.52 Instant3D joesolid@instant3d.com.au Joe Solid (manager)

3. Collaborate

image/svg+xml Collaborate Share... stl.one/xxxxxxx Generate Link Generate a private link to share secureviewing privileges. Learn more...