About 3dConnect & [stl.one]

What is 3dConnect.pro?

3dConnect is a creator-driven, confidential collaboration platform and global print (costing) facility. Suppliers (globally), can promote their 3D Print Goods and Services in accordance with each user's selected Additive Manufacturing material specification.

What is 'stl.one' and why is it a part of 3dConnect.pro?

It's a short and specific address for collaboration URLs that exist outside the mainstream URL's, such as .com..., etc.

For example: slt.one/xxxxxxx


Why is ViewSTL.com the demonstration model for 3dConnect.pro?

ViewSTL.com is an open-source platform built entirely from javascript. Of all the 3D viewers created for personal and commercial purpose, ViewSTL is the:

If you need an online (or offline) 3D STL viewer that's easily moulded into what you want, then ViewSTL is precisely what you want!

Start your project today ➜ https://github.com/3dConnect/viewstl


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