Secure File Sharing

Share(1) your ideas with colleges, or consult with suppliers specialised in the specifics of your physical property selections and manufacturing technology requirements. The suppliers in your print list are routinely screened to help meet your exact print-manufacture and delivery needs.

IP Security

Your 3D model IP remains secure. The image you see of your model on your device is a continuous 2D render of your actual 3D model (STL) file.

Priority 3dConnect

If you need an instant response or to place an immediate purchase, Priority 3dConnect will connect you with our (best) expert suppliers to get you the best advice, beginning with the best price. Learn more...

(1) Conventional ethics of sharing sensitive information with trusted parties apply across all areas of our site. No formal contract signing is required. However, when using our technology management facilities, you are bound to the legal conditions contained in our Terms of Service.

Collaboration Status

The icons in your 'Models' menu indicate the privacy status of a model, be it your files or files that other users have agreed to share with you.

File IP remains secure as the imagery on screen is a continuous 2D render of your actual 3D model (STL) file. Your IP remains secure! However, you are also obliged to respect the privacy of other users, and so, you must also acknowledge our Terms of Service before engaging with our facilities.

Definition icons:

collaboration icon
You are the original uploader of this file. Viewing status is private.
collaboration icon
The file you are viewing belongs to another user and shall remain in your list until they decide to remove it, or the viewing rights (30 days) have expired.
collaboration icon
You agree to share the viewing rights of this file with anyone in possession of your uniquely generated hyperlink. Viewing status is uncontrolled.
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