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Clean Device(s)

Choose Explode to altogether remove your files from our server and your interactivity from this device, or Poof if you only need to clean your interactivity from this client device.


Explode your 3dConnect interface to delete all of your files and all trace of your activity. Shared links will cease to function, and will no longer appear on shared menus.

Synchronised devices will reset, producing an empty file list, but will remain active and connected, unless also exploded.

3dConnect does not archive your files. Once you delete them; they're gone - forever.

Exploding your 3dConnect activity on this device will return your interface to first-visit condition.

Explode 3dConnect Interface

Thank you for using 3dConnect. We hope that we have correctly facilitated your Additive Manufacturing requirements and look forward to your return.
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Poof is the softer cousin to Explode. It wipes your device connectivity, leaving your server files in-tact. Other synchronised devices and file share arrangements will continue uninterrupted.

Poof, is particularly useful for cleaning a shared device that has been synchronised for temporary purpose.

Poof! ...and it's gone.

Poof Browser Interface

Wipe 3dConnect's connectivity from this device.
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