Commercial Specifications Data Sheet

Composite Condutive Graphine Filament 1.150 Condutive Carbomorph FFF PLA
Composite Fiberglass 1.500 Continuous CFF PLA PVA PC/ABS PA9 [+/-] Composite
Composite Kevlar 1.440 Continuous CFF PLA PVA PC/ABS PA8 [+/-] Composite
Composite Onyx 1.875 chopped carbon fibre CFF PLA PVA PC/ABS PA7 SG ave. [+/-] Composite
Composite Carbon Fibre 1.875 Continuous CFF PLA PVA PC/ABS PA6 SG range: 1.75-2.0 [+/-] Composite
Generic Generic 0.000 ... n/a Non specific material
Metal Copper Pure 8.960 99.8% Pure | 0.05% Iron Citation needed
Metal Tool Steel (H13) 7.850 H13 DMLS PBLM
Metal Titanium Pure 4.510 ASTM B348 DMLS EBM DMD SLM
Metal Titanium Alloy 4.510 Ti6AI4V DMLS PBLM
Metal Nitinol 6.450 Nickel Titanium SLM Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) - 4D Printing
Metal Aluminum 2.700 AM205 A20X SLM AiSi7Mg0,6
Metal Cobolt-chrome Alloy 10.000 Co28Cr6Mo SLM DMLS
Metal Copper Alloy 8.920 C18150, CW106C LMD DED -- Direct Energy Deposition
Metal Stainless 8.000 316/L JB DMLS Non-magnetic
Metal Stainless (~magnetic) 8.000 15-5 PH LPBF PH: Precipitation Hardening
Metal Stainless (magnetic) 8.000 17-4 PH DMLS PH: Precipitation Hardening
Metal Maraging (MS1) 8.100 1.2709 SLM
Metal Tungsten 19.250 Pure SLM
Metal Brass 8.470 Cu 80% - Zn 15% - Tin 5% Lost wax casting
Metal Nickel Alloy 8.580 IN718,IN625 SLM DMLS SG range: 7.94-9.22
Metal Bronze 8.870 Cu 90% - Sn 10% Lost wax casting
Metal Steel (general) 7.850 Custom Agreement Supplier Specific
Metal Silver 10.490 Sterling Lost wax casting
Metal Gold 19.300 Pure Lost wax casting
Organic Paper 0.080 Colour SDL Average gsm
Plastic PA6 FR 1.050 Polyamide/Nylon FDM SLS
Plastic UM 1.200 Urethane Methacrylate CLIP DLS
Plastic Wood 1.200 Wood dust combined with PLA FDM FFF PLA Biodegradable. Feels and smells like wood.
Plastic PVA 1.250 Polyvinyl Alcohol FDM FFF SG range: 1.19-1.31 ][ Moderately soluble
Plastic HIPS 1.050 High Impact Polystyrene FDM FFF Dissolvable filament frequently used as support material.
Plastic ASA 1.060 Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate FDM FFF
Plastic PC 1.200 Polycarbonate FDM FFF
Plastic ULTEM 1.280 Polyetherimide FDM FFF Polyetherimide (PEI) sub-class
Plastic PEEK 1.310 Polyether Ether Ketone FDM FFF
Plastic PP 1.021 Polypropylene FDM FFF SG range: 0.892-1.15 ][ Polyetherimide (PEI) sub-class
Plastic PA 11/12 1.040 Polyamide/Nylon MJF
Plastic PETG 1.380 Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol FDM FFF
Plastic PET 1.297 Polyethylene Terephthalate FDM FFF
Plastic ABS 1.060 Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene FDM FFF
Plastic PLA 1.250 Polylactic Acid FDM
Plastic PCL 1.145 Polycaprolactone FDM Biodegradable polyester
Resin Silicone 1.250 Loctite 3D Silicone #...5015 DLP SLA
Resin Photopolymer 1.060 ISO 178 (2010) PPJ Similar properties to ABS
Resin Epoxy 1.410 ISO 1183 DLS SG range: 0.950 to 1.87
Resin Acrylic 1.190 Loctite 3D Acrylic #... 3860/3870 DLP SLA
Rubber-like TPE 0.935 Thermoplastic Elastomer FDM FFF SG range: 0.927-0.944
Rubber-like TPU 1.170 Thermoplastic Polyurethane MJF SG range: 1.11-1.23
Steel Tool Steel (D2) 7.850 D2 DMLS PBLM
Steel Tool Steel (A2) 7.850 A2 DMLS PBLM
Steel Inconel 625 8.440 Nickel-Chromium Alloy DMLS PBLM UNS N06625/W.Nr. 2.4856