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IP-Confidential Additive Manufacturing collaboration for Engineers and Designers

At 3dConnect, our primary goal is to connect designers, engineers and manufacturers with unique abilities, into an agile environment where exceptional is the norm.

We're your trusted collaboration platform, bringing Additive Manufacturing design ideas to life within an IP-protected environment. Our seamless technology integration enables collaboration between peers and like-minded professionals to solve additive manufacturing challenges requiring precise machine finishing.

Why choose 3DConnect for your project?

The integrity of your intellectual property is protected.

30+ years of precision automation design and consultation experience.

Comprehensive Research & Development of additive manufactured components for industrial purpose.

Precise (NC) machine finishing of additive manufactured components.

Upload your 3D model (STL file) and explore our range of solutions

  • Properties: Practical data to assist with critical design options.
  • Collaborate: Engage and share with confidence, your IP is protected.
  • Synchronise: Take your project with you on the go - anywhere, anytime.
  • Manufacture: Industrial quality standards.
  • Precision: Machine finishing to precision tolerances.

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