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Priority Users

Start at the front of the queue.

The generic contact details of listed supplies are provided free of charge to all visitors, and if that's all you need - perfect!

Start with an Expert

No arkward discussions with inbetweeners.

Membership provides direct contact with the specialised practitioners behind the supplier. Learn the solutions to complex printing problems involving, composites, integrated part placements, unique material combinations, and special metals, to mention only a few the industrial engineering challenges that await you.

It's who you know that matters!

No Interventions

3dConnect does not intervene between you and the supplier. Your communications are your private business.

Invited suppliers will instantly recognise your Priority 3dConnect status upon review of your model.


Period Self renew#1 Auto renew#2
30 days #3
365 days #3
Subject to price variation without notice at re-signup.
Protection from price increase (above price paid) for as long as auto-renew remains active.
Introductory offer when choosing auto-renew at membership signup.
  • Upload your STL file to begin extending the 3dConnect browser features.

  • Select the 'User' icon on the 3dConnect browser menu, and follow the simple instructions.

Account Recovery

If the worst happens, i.e., crashed hard-drive or you lose your device or you accidentally delete your account; Priority 3dConnect membership comes with the added benefit of account recovery.

Details in the membership signup confirmation.